Reduce Product Development Costs by Outsourcing to Fine Chemical Manufacturers

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If you are in charge of product development that utilises chemicals, look to fine chemical manufacturers. If you are unsure of what fine chemicals are, they are distinct, untainted chemicals that can only be created in small batches, unlike bulk chemicals which are often used in large scale applications.

Typical Industries that Use Fine Chemicals:

Every day products you use likely were created through the production and manipulation of these chemicals. If you have ever taken an over the counter medication or prescription drug, you have been indirectly introduced. Spraying your garden with pesticides or grass growing in sidewalk cracks with weed killer means that you are using biocides, a form of fine chemicals.

Pool chemicals to clean bacteria and algae are in the biocide category. So are antibiotics and even the anti-microbial hand gels. As you can see, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, paint, petrochemicals and even commercial quality household goods all use these chemicals in some form or format for products.

Cost Savings

Sure, you can decide to equip your own facilities to handle these chemicals but you will realise that the capital investment involved may not be the best course of action for your product development needs. You would not only have to utilise expensive square footage (even purchasing new property) but also hire more employees, invest in training and safety courses, and pay to safely dispose of any waste by-products.

Hire a fine chemical manufacturer and you will realise great savings in your product development phase as well as manufacturing. Dealing with bulk chemicals is much cheaper because large batches are involved which spreads the cost. However, fine chemicals are much more expensive to manufacture on your own, thus the cost savings you will realise by outsourcing this function.

Avoiding Risk

There are a number of risks involved when dealing with these chemicals. Some compounds can be quite toxic, requiring the handlers to be well-versed in safety protocols. In addition, specialised equipment is necessary to process them. You save money by not having to invest in special equipment and employee training. In addition, safety issues are involved when handling the waste by-products. The cost savings alone of having a contracted manufacturer handle these issues makes it all worth it.

Basically, by hiring an outside manufacturer for your chemical applications, you benefit from their expertise. They absorb all the risk of equipment, training, and adherence to government regulations. Fine chemical manufacturers must stay current on all the latest technology and safety protocols which mean your product development efforts benefit too.

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