What Kinds of Chemical Products Are You Placing in Those Reusable Bags?

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We’ve all been there – you had to do some grocery shopping and needed to buy all kinds of items for your home. You get back and begin to put away what you bought. As you start to unpack the reusable shopping bags full of cleaning supplies, you start to look at that cabinet. What all is actually in that cabinet?

As you look in the cabinet, you notice cleaners for polishing wood, cleaners for your stainless steel appliances, cleaners for the window/glass, carpets, drains, bathrooms; the list is endless. You admit to yourself that perhaps you like a clean house way too much and that you’ve got a soft spot for the high tech cleaning gadgets but is any of it eco-friendly?

There are two things that municipal water systems have to deal with everyday. These are: chemical and organic waste. Of the two, the easiest one to contend with is the organic waste. Waste settles into tanks and the enzymes and natural bacteria do the work. However, chemical waste must be dealt with through the use of filters and the water has to be monitored. Chemicals will need to be added back into the water to counterbalance and kill the harmful chemicals. Remember that cities won’t purify water to drink; just purify it so that it can go into a lake or river.

Many manufacturing and business places tend to watch closely for chemical pollution; yet, the real issue isn’t them… it’s the homeowners. In one city alone, there could be thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people on the local water system. In other cities, there could be millions of folks on the big city system. For that reason, it can be completely impossible to manage what is getting flushed down the drain system and toilet. Some things that get poured down the drain are from a person’s downright stupidity like car motor oil or antifreeze. However, other chemicals that get poured down are because a person lacks the understanding that not all products are safe to be flushed down the sewer system. Still, the cleaning boosters and enzymes have a great effect that can alter how algae grows to reducing the amount of oxygen found in water, all of this is endangering the marine life.

What can be done to stop this kind of madness? Actually, it’s providing people with the knowledge and education to make smart eco-friendly choices. For instance, home cleaning can be done with several safe cleansers like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, detergent, oil and soaps. Make sure not to mix these chemicals since doing so can be deadly.

When you’re washing your clothes, there’s no need for harsh chemicals. Instead, wash your clothes with a simple, mild detergent with some additional chemicals. Be sure you use non-scented bleach to wash your white clothes. When you have very stained clothes, you need to soak them in the boosters. For instance, alcohol can be used to remove grass and protein stains; best of all, it is biodegradable. Whenever you wash clothes, add vinegar since it can deal with greasy clothes. Make sure to have an equal solution of ammonia, vinegar and water to clean your windows. To deal with wood and/or delicate surfaces, have a mild oil/soap solution.

The best way to know if a cleanser is un-eco-friendly is to look at the ingredients’ list. If it lists anywhere from seven to 10 ingredients, choose another cleanser. Try to remember it’s not just your reusable organic cotton bags that will make a difference on the environment but what you choose to buy and place in those reusable bags that will make the difference.

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